Who We Are


Welcome, Fellow Seekers!

We are a community of spiritual seekers, members of the Summit Lighthouse® of Seattle, a non-profit, multi-denominational organization also known as the Seattle Teaching Center.

For over 28 years, we have sought to provide emotional and spiritual support to our members, and we welcome new souls of Light to join our friendly community.


Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet

On our inner mystical path to union with God, we study the Truths of the world’s major religions and the deep mysteries of life as revealed by the Ascended Masters through their anointed messengers, Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

The Ascended Masters are our elder brothers and sisters, the ascended saints from East and West, who have provided profound teachings to inspire and comfort us. Their lessons are an invaluable source of Truth that guides us in our daily lives.

Our local group in Seattle began as a small study group, later became a chartered study group in 1992, and grew to become a community teaching center in 1995. We are a 501(c)(3) organization located in Renton Highlands, a branch of the worldwide organization headquartered in Montana, The Summit Lighthouse®, Inc.



Saint Germain

The fundamental principle of the teachings of the Ascended Masters is that all sons and daughters of God have a divine spark that is their potential to realize the God within. This concept is at the heart of all the major religions, East and West.

We ultimately strive to become one with the Universal Christ within and to ascend to God as Jesus did and as Jesus urged us to do. (And who doesn’t want to be right with God and have scores of angels helping to fulfill our every need and ordinate desires?)


Our members dedicate themselves to exploring what the Ascended Masters have to say on such spiritual topics as chakras and the human aura, karma and reincarnation, twin flames and soul mates, meditation, and angels.

Through the Ascended Masters, we also have been given teachings on such everyday subjects as healing, morality, and parenting, providing us access to a wealth of wisdom and tips for living our lives practically — and spiritually.

We use a spiritual tool called the violet transmuting flame, which is the gift of the 20th century from our Beloved Saint Germain. For centuries knowledge of the violet flame was known only by spiritual adepts. However, Saint Germain first revealed this teaching to the public in the 1930s through the I AM Activity, predecessors to our organization. (For more about the violet flame, click here or here.)

At The Summit Lighthouse® of Seattle, we use prayer to heal both personal and world problems through the use of the violet flame and other decrees (spoken, repetitive prayers). Our decrees are known as the Science of the Spoken Word.

An Invitation

Lake Washington

Members of The Summit Lighthouse of Seattle are a loving, harmonious, and joyous community of spiritual seekers. While reaching out to others to share the Teachings of the Ascended Masters, we study to internalize and apply them in our lives. 

All sincere seekers on a spiritual path are invited to join with us in the study and application of the teachings of the Ascended Masters, to experience the knowledge, hope, and joy that their teachings bring to our souls.

We invite you, seeker of the Light, to join us for our study groups, workshops, online classes, and to become part of our community. See ACTIVITIES, here.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions.

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