Dear Community Members and Friends of the Seattle Community Teaching Center,

Our beloved Nina made her transition to higher octaves at 8:34 a.m. on the morning of September 18. She went down hill very quickly. The adult family home contacted me the day before to say that she was coughing a lot and had congestion. A referral was made to hospice but she passed on very soon after the referral was made.

The Teachings were the center of Nina’s life. When I went through her boxes, I was amazed to find so many files about the different subjects that she taught in her classes. Also I found a lot of flyers that she posted in libraries and elsewhere for the classes she held in her home. Outreach was one of the major focuses of her life.

I know we will all cherish her memory as a precious and dearly loved member of our community.

I am hoping to arrange a cremation service. The cremation will be from 3 days to 2 weeks from today. I will let you know more details as soon as I know them.

Always Victory, Nina, our beloved Violet Flame lady! We love you and see you flying upwards to the higher realms,


President of the Board


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