Dear Community:

You are cordially invited to an All-Hallow’s Eve party to celebrate all the great Saints and Ascended Masters! Please see the following details:

Sunday, October 29th, from 3:00-5:30.

All-Hallow’s Eve Party

Summit Lighthouse of Seattle, 479 Kirkland Avenue, Renton, WA

Please come in a costume representing a master, angel, or elemental (if not, come as you are)

Please bring your favorite treat (non-sugar is best)

Please bring something to share with the children: a story, a card relating to the master that you represent, a little game or activity. This will be your opportunity to shine and share something valuable with the children about the Master. You can bring pictures, crystals, and gems (that you want to give away.) or anything that you feel helps you share about that being. Maybe bring a prop. (For example, if you wanted to be Portia, maybe you could bring a scale and explain why that is related to Portia and the balancing of karma).

We have some costumes, wings, fabric, etc. at the focus that people may use and will set up areas where you can sit and greet children with your costume and things

We will have a few fun games for children to play.

Come enjoy your community with the Holy Spirit!

Added bonus: Dancing. Try your hand (and feet) at square dancing as well as waltzes and polkas.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees

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