Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your beloved families!

Winter Solstice is approaching – it occurs on Wednesday, December 21st this year. Before the new energy comes in, we have our holy work of cleaning up our areas. We have not done a West Coast of North and South America Demagnetization Service for three years. During that time, we were focusing our calls and services to the immediate needs of America and the world. Now, it is an important time to fulfill the requests of beloved Saint Germain for the West Coast of North and South America. Here is an excerpt of his dictation:

“And I come to draw my line from the north unto the south pole upon this line of longitude. And I come for the sealing, then, of the earth in the line of the violet flame and I call for the establishment of the great hosts of the Lord and I call for the flanking of the armies of the Lord that therefore this line of longitude passing through the city of Los Angeles and the western coast of North and South America will be the holding line, the holding line so that there cannot be developed an acceleration of the spirals of darkness by the fallen ones.


… I call, then, for the legions of Zadkiel, mighty legions of Arcturus, legions from out the Great Central Sun; and they will stand and they will hold the focus from the north unto the south pole and along the line of the landed areas, keeping that flame of freedom and they will declare in the name of the Living God, “They shall not pass! They shall not pass! They shall not pass!”

Beloved Saint Germain, November 19, 1978

In answer to his request, we will have a demagnetization service on Saturday, December 10th from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time via Zoom. The focus will be to clear the negative energies for ourselves and the West Coast of North and South America with calls for the transmutation of: perversions of sacred fire, Lemurian karma, crimes committed against the Divine Mother, as well as the clearing of the astral plane, and the clearing of core rebellion. Please note, this service is for Keepers of the Flame Lesson 13 and above.

Please join us in this holy work as we re-establish the line of force for Saint Germain, for the West Coast of North and South America. We will be sending out an email with the instructions and inserts for our service by December 7th.

We are grateful for your service, time and effort dedicated to this work for the Lightbearers, America and the planet.

Your sisters in Christ,

Rev. Ana Maria Dean and Rev. Lois Drake
Region One Ministry Team


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