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Unlocking Spiritual Resources for the Soul


Are you looking for answers to life’s mysteries? Do you ask yourself, “Who am I? Why am
I here? Where am I going?” The Summit Lighthouse® of Seattle is a source for
answers to these questions — and more. We invite you to attend our
online workshops, lectures, and book studies.

You can learn about twin flame and soul mates, chakras, spiritual healing,
karma, reincarnation, and a host of other topics
that enrich and comfort the soul.

Interested? Come share with like-minded souls to learn more about the teachings
of the Ascended Masters as revealed through their anointed
Messengers, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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Unlocking Spiritual Resources for the Soul

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University of Washington Campus - Mt. Rainier in Background

There is an ancient temple of Luxor in the etheric plane over the city of Seattle,
there by Serapis Bey, hierarch of the Ascension Temple.

“The record of this temple reminds all souls who have ever pursued union with the sacred fire
that they have a part to play and something to fulfill: it is the completion of the
raising of the Light of the Divine Mother.”
– Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 34 No. 29

Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Finding the Ascended Masters

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