Seattle’s Source for Ascended Master Teachings

Unlocking Spiritual Resources for the Soul


Are you looking for answers to life’s mysteries? Do you ask yourself, “Who am I? Why am
I here? Where am I going?” The Summit Lighthouse® of Seattle is a source for
answers to these questions — and more. We invite you to attend our
online workshops, lectures, and book studies.

You can learn about twin flame and soul mates, chakras, spiritual healing,
karma, reincarnation, and a host of other topics
that enrich and comfort the soul.

Interested? Come share with like-minded souls to learn more about the teachings
of the Ascended Masters as revealed through their anointed
Messengers, Mark L. and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Seattle, Washington at Night — View from Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill

The Summit Lighthouse of Seattle

(Seattle Teaching Center)

Unlocking Spiritual Resources for the Soul

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